And if we spoke embroidery?

A year ago, when I redid the banner of the blog, I took care to add the mention ” embroidery ” in addition to my activities “Knit” and ” hook ” . But I realize today that I spoke very little about embroidery during this year and worse, I did not show anything of my cross-stitch works. I will now catch up by showing you regularly some of my small work done and revealing some of the projects I work on side embroidery.

I present you my Little Robots ! Embroidered on a black canvas 7 pts. I made them last fall, the winners at the mini Halloween contest have also received the original gate as a gift.

And if we spoke embroidery? spoke embroidery

You will note my taste for cheap frames: two masking tape towers and they are glued and already repositioned twice on the walls since their creation more than six months ago.

And if we spoke embroidery? spoke embroidery

See you soon, for new little crosses!

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And if we spoke embroidery? spoke embroidery

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