An own logo for my knitting blog

Today I am very happy, I decided a week ago, it must be Logo for my blog ago. Now it’s done and online since yesterday!

An own logo for my knitting blog knitting

How did I do this?

I’ll tell you: it was very easy. Six designers presented their designs to me. It did not take a week until I had chosen my wish logo and especially it did not cost a fortune.

In the book Blog Boosting (mitp Business): Content | marketing | Design | SEO An own logo for my knitting blog knitting   by Michael Firnkes (which I can only recommend to all bloggers) I read of so-called Design competitions , Among other things, he recommended the website ,

I signed up and started my project , put on a briefing and invited designers to participate in my project. The whole without risk, because there are those 100% money back guarantee , I should not like any of the logos.

Just a few hours later, the first draft was available. From a whole wonderful designer , which was ultimately chosen by me as a winner. I am still amazed how well I understood myself with the stranger. My comments and ideas were implemented more than promptly. We wrote several times a day. I think I will miss it, because Christina was really pleasant and sympathetic.

She was also the only designer who wrote comments on her designs. Most of them uploaded their designs without saying a word. There were nice ones too. But my heart Somehow it was just the first draft that was changed by us until the end result.

Should you ever need logos, I recommend you the o.g. Website and also my favorite designer Christina (on the portal under Yaleri). You can also browse through your website: , An overview of your work is also available Facebook ,

How do you like my new logo? Of course I adapted the blog design right away.

I’m looking forward for comments!

All the best!

Your ines

An own logo for my knitting blog knitting

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