Monthly Archives: Temmuz 2018

Doubleface knit – dinosaur kids bags

Doubleface knit - dinosaur kids bags doubleface dinosaur

Do you know that Double Face – knitting technology? I booked a video course with makerist in March, from my experience I have here already reported. Since then I am infected with the Doubleface virus. So I have with brief interruptions on mine Knitting instructions for these charming children’s bags …

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My 1st blog birthday and one year Dawanda shop

My 1st blog birthday and one year Dawanda shop dawanda birthday

Juhu … It’s fine a year when my blog went online. With a few technical difficulties a few days went into the country, but then I was reachable on the world wide web. In June I was able to present my first own draft. To date, the Knitting pattern for …

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Cape sweater and cute hedgehog – paperweight ready knitted

Cape sweater and cute hedgehog - paperweight ready knitted sweater ready paperweight knitted hedgehog

Yesterday I have the little eyes in the sweet Hedgehog embroidered. Done, he is the little contemporary, which actually one paperweight should be. My Poncho or cape sweater is already finished a little longer. As you can see, two very different projects. Both should actually be my vacation projects in …

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What is Doubleface Knitting?

What is Doubleface Knitting? knitting doubleface

Knit doubleface is a knitting technique that will not let you go, you master it first. Me has the double face or too German double knit Virus already caught. In the next few months, there will probably be a few double-knit projects with me. 🙂 And what does Doubleface actually …

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Knitting Doubleface, slinging stitches – Tutorial 1

Knitting Doubleface, slinging stitches - Tutorial 1 tutorial stitches slinging knitting doubleface

In my Step-by-step tutorial I would like to give you many steps in the procedure Doubleface knitting bring closer. Although this is very extensive, I attach importance to show every little step. Personally, I preferred to record more than too few steps. Hopefully my tutorial will help you with the …

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On a creative year 2015

Now finally I come to wish everyone a healthy, happy and creative 2015! I was really diligent before, between and after the holidays and rattled neatly with the knitting needles. In addition to a hat for my brother at Christmas, another cap in green favorite color for my big son …

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Cable knit pattern by Tanja Steinbach

Cable knit pattern by Tanja Steinbach tanja steinbach pattern cable

I have the book in November “Knit Cable Knit” ordered from TOPP Verlag on Amazon. I used to knit a cable knit sweater ages ago (16) and I wore it as long as I could. Since then, however, I have not touched a cable pattern anymore. But there are so …

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Knitting instructions for children’s cap

Knitting instructions for children's cap knitting instructions children

I knitted this green colorful kids hat for my big one. The great color gradient results from the ball. It looks really cool, my son thinks too. Knitting instructions for this children’s cap: Suitable for a 5-year-old, head circumference about 52 cm Wool: OnLine line 359 Fano, color: 08 150g …

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Addi Express Knitting Machine and Handmade Culture

Addi Express Knitting Machine and Handmade Culture machine knitting handmade express culture

On Christmas Day last year, I received an email from Marion von Handmade culture , juhu, I had participated in the advent calendar and won: I got the knitting machine directly from the Gustav Selter GmbH & Co. KG on the 08th of January. This is how the addi knitting …

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Sensational loop made of “cable knit”

Sensational loop made of "cable knit" sensational cable

Of the Colorful loop from the book “Knit Cable Knit” by Tanja Steinbach It had done to me and how in this post announced, I wanted to knit this necessarily. The new wool of Cloud Hegenbarth Indian Summer was already ready at home. Twice I started and finally tinkered again. …

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