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Halloween nightmare catcher

Halloween nightmare catcher nightmare halloween catcher

Boo! It’s Halloween, witches, ghosts and pumpkins are coming to my place. This year I made a little decoration to mark the event. Nothing complicated, a piece of wool, pieces of felt and fabric glue, no seams this time: 100% easy. You need : Initially I wanted to go on …

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Pink October

Pink October october

Hello, A special article today, an article that is close to my heart, the fight against breast cancer. We are already October 15, 2013, I have about 15 days left to mobilize against cancer, even if to mobilize it is constantly! Last week, a friend (Kty of the blog Kty …

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Chocolate Banana Snood

Chocolate Banana Snood snood chocolate banana

Fall is coming, and he’s doing it well. Almost bare trees, dead leaves everywhere on the ground, it’s moist, my nose is wet, I slide on the wet leaves, it’s the joy, that’s it: it’s autumn. I really do not like this season and yet I find that the colors …

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The Party Needle – Knit 2.0 by Woolkiss

The Party Needle - Knit 2.0 by Woolkiss woolkiss party needle

Hello everybody, I almost want to say that everything is in the title or almost. 😉 This year I participate in the AEF fair as every year, but this year I am warmly invited by the kind Laure de Woolkiss at his stand Tricot 2.0 by WoolKiss, the blog corner …

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# Snood2 – The Origami

# Snood2 - The Origami snood2 origami

There was Mom’s birthday, and it’s still a bit of anguish, not that she’s getting older, because in my heart my little love mom she’ll always be young, but rather for find him an original gift and not like that of last year … A challenge every year, I really …

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# Snood4 – Cuzco

# Snood4 - Cuzco snood4 cuzco

South America ! One day I’ll go there, that’s for sure! I would really like to discover Mexico, Peru, Argentina … A dream 🙂 I’m talking about South America because today I present you a crocheted snood with one of my favorite wools in the world. Andes from Drops. 🙂 …

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Zak and Maddy – Creative Papotages

Zak and Maddy - Creative Papotages papotages maddy creative

Hello Z’amis, A small article, full of joy and sweetness, I’m talking about Madeleine editor of the blog Bric art Brac . I met this little woman, almost 3 years ago to Workshop , between laughs, smiles, winks, flashes of joy etc, a true friendship was born. I love Madeleine, …

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Granny Carpet

Granny Carpet granny carpet

I started the hook not so long ago, it must be maybe 1 year more or less. Since then, it has become a real passion, I really like it. We can do so much crochet, between amigurumis, fruits, vegetables, flowers, clothes, accessories but especially granny squares! I love it, it’s …

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A mini Zak.

A mini Zak.

Hello Z’amis, I do not know where to start, tell you how I had a son, or why I made my self? 🙂 I have 50 thousand in progress, but one afternoon, I had (that’s what I call it) a burst of narcissism … I wanted a mini me. It …

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Knitting 2.0 – #Monpetitmouton

Knitting 2.0 - #Monpetitmouton monpetitmouton knitting

Hello Hello, D-3 before the Needle party! I can not wait, in my last post I told you that I was going to the salon (l’Aiguille en fête) this year, not only to make the buyer compulsive but also for you to meet at the booth “Tricot 2.0, the corner …

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